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Thomas G. McHugh P.C. is a Michigan Law Firm with its principal office located in Macomb County, Michigan. The Firm has been in existence since 2000, specializing in helping people who have suffered an injury, death, or property damage as a result of the negligence, malpractice, or wrongdoing of another.

Our goal is to provide the best personalized legal representation for our clients within the Metro Detroit area and surrounding communities. With over 30 years experience, Thomas G. McHugh, P.C. is able to provide legal services for a wide range of legal matters.

Thomas McHugh

Thomas G. McHugh has been specializing in trial work since 1984, representing men, women, children, and their families in all kinds of disputes. Thomas McHugh and his staff stand ready to provide the highest level of legal representation for you, whether you wish to file suit or you are being sued.

The firm is qualified to handle all types of personal injury matters including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, no-fault disputes, and premises liability cases.

The firm has also successfully represented individuals and corporations in business disputes, highway defect cases, social security hearings, and criminal matters.

Personalized service, individualized treatment, and custom payment arrangements separate the Thomas G. McHugh Law Firm from the T.V. lawyers and their marketing gimmicks. Whether working on a contingent basis where there is no fee until you are paid, or on a fair hourly basis, we pledge to give our clients the highest level of legal representation possible with your best interests first and foremost in mind.

With over 30 years experience providing professional legal representation in Michigan,
Thomas G. McHugh, P.C. is a firm that you can trust.

Practice Areas

Business Disputes

Litigation involving one or more businesses, insurance company or employee deserves specialized treatment in business court. We litigate these cases to successful conclusions for a reasonable fee. You have worked too hard to lose it due to poor representation.

Business disputes commonly play out like a divorce. Whether it involves one partner suing another partner, an employee who left a company but failed to receive full severance benefits or a sales person who had his or her commissions cut or eliminated, hiring a lawyer who will treat your case like his own is important. Often times, these cases get personal and require tedious discovery and presentation of the facts.

Do not be fooled by lawyers who claim to get quick results when your hard earned money and reputation is at stake.

Criminal Defense

OUIL, OWI, DWI, Felonies, Misdemeanors and Civil Infractions put us into Court every week. We deal with the prosecutors, police officers, probation officers and judges nearly every day. Don't trust them to advocate in your best interest.

Losing a civil case for money is one thing, losing a criminal case that lands you in jail or prison for an extended period of time is another. We pride ourselves on conducting full discovery of all information to provide you the greatest opportunity to win your case. Only the best prepared cases are offered favorable plea agreements, while unprepared attorneys cause their clients to go to jail.

We specialize in district court (misdemeanors) and circuit court (felonies) cases in Macomb and St. Clair Counties. If we can't handle your case due to geographical location or otherwise we will co-counsel with, or refer you to, the best available local attorney.


No one ever said that life or insurance companies are fair. We are qualified to litigate your insurance dispute whether it be due to a denial of coverage, cancellation or premium return. We can help you. Do not try this alone.

Insurance companies are in the business of making millions at your and my expense. Every one of us has had at least one negative experience when dealing with an insurance company, whether it was a denial of coverage for auto, home, medical, dental, life, disability or other paid for benefits. If you have been denied any insurance benefit, we will consult with you to determine if your legal rights have been violated.

Insurance companies are very happy to take your monthly premiums when due, but are reluctant to pay in full when a claim is made. Don't sacrifice your home, savings, business or personal assets or property. Call for a free consultation today.

Mediation, Facilitation & Arbitration

Thomas G. McHugh has been active in alternative dispute resolution since 1986. Whether you are looking to resolve your case or legal dispute by facilitating or mediating in a comfortable office setting, or through binding arbitration, we can help you. Our rates are reasonable while our results are outstanding!

Saving time and money is the consideration for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Courts are busy and judges simply cannot devote the time to your case that it deserves. Thomas G. McHugh has been appointed to act as an arbitrator by one or all parties in over 1000 cases. He has successfully mediated or facilitated a like number of disputes. With a defense background and an active plaintiffs practice, he has the experience to see all sides of an issue, leading to a fair resolution.

Call now to reserve a block of time to settle your case or dispute.

Medical Malpractice

Doctor or hospital errors occur daily. When serious consequences result we need to be contacted. From birth trauma to misdiagnosis, unnecessary/botched surgeries, to nursing home neglect, we specialize in assisting victims.

Medical malpractice is nothing more than professional negligence of a licensed health care provider that causes or contributes to an injury or death. When your doctor will not answer direct questions like "What went wrong?", then it is time to request a copy of your complete medical chart and give us a call. Physicians, nurses, PA's and hospital staff all owe a duty to exercise reasonable care in the diagnosis and treatment of a medical condition.

When serious consequences result, then you need experienced representation to enforce your legal rights and obtain just compensation.

No Fault

After a motor vehicle accident you are entitled to wage loss, medical bills, replacement services, attendant care and mileage. Insurance companies are not your friends. We will represent you to make sure you receive all of the benefits allowable under Michigan Law.

Your automobile insurance company may not be paying all the benefits you are entitled to. If you have been injured as a result of any type of car, truck, RV or motorcycle accident, whether or not it was your fault, consider a free consultation to insure that you or a loved one are receiving all of the benefits available under the Michigan No-Fault Law. For instance, did you know that medical benefits are available for life and are not limited in amount?

A free phone consultation with an attorney at Thomas G. McHugh, P.C. will cost you nothing. The benefit of calling may be immeasurable.

Personal Injury

Serious injuries deserve full compensation. Whether from an automobile, motorcycle, truck, boat, defective building or dog attack, we specialize in collecting the most money. We offer free consultations and personalized representation. No fee until you collect.

An injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another usually results in not only economic damages, like lost wages and medical bills, but also pain and suffering, disfigurement, anxiety and/or an extreme change in life style. When you or someone you know has suffered such an injury, don't let it be your/their loss. We have been representing injured individuals for nearly 30 years. Most of our clients have re-contacted our law firm or have sent family members and friends to us for a consultation.

Don't be fooled by the gimmicks or claims made by television lawyers who don't actually litigate or step into the courtroom. Trial work is our business and we want yours.

Social Security Disability

After you have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits, we handle all appeals, motions and hearings to make sure you get all the benefits you are entitled to.

Thomas G. McHugh, P.C. has a 90% success rate in winning Social Security Disability Appeals. The rate goes up to 100% past the age of 50. If you suffer from a traumatic injury, medical condition or ailment that prevents you from working, then you may be entitled to monthly Social Security checks and medical insurance. Do not sit on your rights after your application has been denied, since there is a very short 60 day window within which to file an appeal.

Call us to schedule your free consultation today!

Worker's Comp

Disabled from an on-the-job injury? Don't waste your time by trying to handle the matter yourself. Trust your case to us.

If you have been injured on the job, then we want the opportunity to help you. The law in this area has been changing in favor of employers and against individuals like you and me. The Accident Fund of Michigan and other Workers' Compensation insurance companies have a team of experienced defense attorneys whose job it is to deny you the benefits by law you are entitled to receive. Don't be left out of a job and without a pay check or medical coverage any longer.

Call us today to see if we can help you!

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, we are the law firm for you. We handle everything from Probate to filings with the Michigan Supreme Court in order to maximize the value to all heirs and relatives.

These cases are often tough to prove and difficult to handle. They are tough to prove because the individual who was wronged is deceased. They are difficult to handle because family members don't necessarily get along. We have been litigating wrongful death cases since 1984. Some are the result of a motor vehicle accident, while others are due to a defective product, medical malpractice or other wrongful act. The time limitations within which to file a lawsuit varies greatly in a case where a death occurs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss facts and the circumstances surrounding the death of a family member or friend.